Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate oceans and the life within it through one of the best means of self-expression we know: Clothing. There is great beauty in the sea, and we want to showcase it in our designs and products. 

10% of our profits are donated to ocean conservation efforts to the Coral Reef Alliance. When you purchase 180tide, you are supporting coral reef conservation initiations around the world. Last year, CORAL:

- Surveyed over 2,200 coral colonies for bleaching and disease.

- Added 500 scientists and organizations around the world to its coral bleaching monitoring group.

- Installed 40 temperature loggers to monitor reef temperatures in Honduras.

- Captured 7,800 reef photos for habitat mapping and coral bleaching in the Mesoamerican Region, swimming more than 12 km.

Our goal is to inspire action and create a means to integrate protecting the ocean into our everyday lifestyles.