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Samson the Shark Plush

Samson the Shark Plush

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  • Plushie will arrive vacuum sealed. Please allow it some time to fluff up to its original size.

  • Catch this cute, new plush featuring the crowd favorite mascot at 180tide: Mr. Shark sporting a rubber duckie floatie.

  • No sharks or rubber ducks were harmed in the making of this plush.
  • Approximate Size: 12" tall
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean/hand wash only.
  • Please note: you will receive your plush shrink wrapped. All you need to do is fluff it out and it will become full size in no time.
  • For every sold, one pound of of ocean-bound plastic is collected.
  • Free Standard U.S Shipping on $150+
  • Every sold contributes toward the collection of ocean-bound plastic.
  • Authorized Retailers: Zumiez
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